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Due to the length of the following assembly videos, our video host required us to split the video into two segments.   
Assembly Videos and Assembly Helpful hints
Helpful hints: 

1.  Ensure that the male end is square with the hole.  If it is slightly crocked, it will cause it to be difficult       to seat and if force is used it may cause the receiving piece to break.  This is the main issue            customers face with the assembly of our product.

2.  It can be helpful to twist the male piece to get it started into the hole.

3.  It may be helpful to sand the tenon/male end slightly to make it slide easier.

4.  It is necessary to ensure that the legs  are square with the seats and ground and that all legs are             resting firmly on the grond before driving the screws.

5.  It may be necessary to twist the furniture to get the legs to sit on the floor level before driving the             screws.  When the tenons fit snuggly into the mortises, a bit of finesse is required to square the             furniture before screwing.

6.  Ensure that the receiving log is resting solidly on the ground or something solid to ensure that all of         the energy from the rubber mallet is used to drive the tenon/male end into the hole.  If it is not resting on something solid, the receiving piece may crack or break.  To ensure that your furniture  is               beautiful once assembled, some finesse is required.   Excessive force is not required. 

While Mountain Sky Furniture is consistent in the accurate production of each and every part we manufacture, our furniture is hand made by skilled local craftsmen and occasional mistakes are made.  If you should encounter a problem with your furniture during assembly, please contact Mountain Sky Furniture for replacement parts or help with assembly.   Thank you for purchasing our products and we hope that you have many relaxing moments during thier use. 


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Proper Screw Installation Examples:  Click on photos to Enlarge
We recommend that the screws are driven through the tenon/male end first and aligned at such an angle that they drive into the center of the mortised/receiving log.  Please follow the printed instructions in the box for proper screw placement to ensure  solid construction. 
Downloadable Assembly Instructions